Thursday, October 30, 2008


Quietly, like the footsteps of little mice,* part 2 of Bobby and Joey's date posted to on Wednesday. Didn't catch the first ep? You'll find it in the Video Fridge. So sit back down on your butt in front of that glowing, shiny device and give us the clicks we crave!

While you're at it, this mini-clip on YouTube needs your five-star rating. The Feed Me Show doesn't aim merely to be the original Internet cooking-dating show (which it already is, so that wouldn't be much of an ambition). No, Feed Me Show's higher ground is to be the Queen of Rachel Ray jokes. Help us climb the Jacob's Ladder of YouTube fame!

Meanwhile, your show creator and very-junior-editor feels exceedingly proud of himself for learning how to cover for audio dropouts in multiclipped Final Cut Pro sequences. One mouse-step for a pro, one great leap forward for the first-time editor.

* no rodents of any kind were present or harmed in the making of the Feed Me Show. Until we get someone to cook a hamster, anyway.

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