Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the fridge is open!

The promised video archive is up and running! It's called the Video Fridge. Look, there it is, right next to the Members tab!

In the Fridge, you can see episodes in chronological order, without giving away the ending! (And, yeah, Matt, your ep was the first one up there.)

It's still slightly beta -- I had to hack's default embed code for Firefox compatibility, and I'm not yet sure how it plays with MSIE; but, seriously, if you're hip enough for Feed Me, you're hip enough for Firefox). Look and branding of the players should, I hope, be updated to match the single-player theme shortly.

UPDATE: the look and branding problem is now solved, despite the ELIZA-like quality of's tech support, and the croissant-like quality of the player generator. Here's the trick: don't use the embed code generated when you create a playlist. Not only does it not work for Firefox, it's unbrandable. Instead, create your playlist, then go into the player generator, duplicate a working player, give it a new name, make it a playlist player, and pick out the playlist you want to use it with. One player per playlist. After doing this several times and getting something almost, but not quite, completely unlike the desired player, the player generator will finally smile on you and create a nice, FF-friendly code snippet that you can paste right into your HTML page without further modification.

The Feed Me Show Video Fridge... leave the door open!

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