Tuesday, February 17, 2009

feed me: pdx: clair and al, part 4

Part 4 of Clair and Al's Portland date is up on feedmeshow.com and feedmeshow.blip.tv. There's some great banter, some side-by-side cooking, and some gorgeous mushrooms. The ep actually posted yesterday, but my Internet connection decided to take President's Day off, so whatever.

The big news, though, is technical: both hi-res web and iPhone/iPod-compatible versions of the latest episode are now available on the blip.tv page! This is huge, as iPhone-compatibility was one of the project's original goals. Here's how to get them:

- iPhone/iPod:
Just point Safari on that sexy handheld to http://feedmeshow.blip.tv, and it'll do the rest. Easy as cake!

- Web hi-res:
This remains a bit buried, while I'm testing it out. It's a 2048kbps MP4, if you want to get technical about it. If you have the bandwidth at your place of web, it'll yield a finer-grained picture than the standard Flash and Quicktimes you know and love. Click the "This episode's permalink" link in the lower-left corner of the show's blip.tv homepage. This will bring up the single-episode player page. There, you can choose to watch the episode as "web high-resolution":

All this is possible through the magic of blip.tv -- magic that they rolled out in late November, but, again, whatever. It's like Douglas Adams said about the difference between a comedian and a comic. A comedian knows the thing to say right then, while a comic thinks of it four hours later, when he's back at home, the moment long gone. Thanks, Douglas -- you put me in good company.

Eat well,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Act 3: A Tart Cherry

Or something like that. I always enjoyed the act titles of older TV shows, particularly WWII dramas -- "12 O'Clock High," for example -- a narrative tactic neatly skewered by the short-lived "Police Squad" series, in which the act titles bore zero relation to the action. So, if Feed Me were that kind of show, this episode would be... oh, sorry, let me get in voice... THE FEED ME SHOW. ACT 3: A TART CHERRY.

Now playing on http://feedmeshow.com and http://feedmeshow.blip.tv.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The End of Hank

This just in! Clair, of First Portland Episode Fame, sent two pictures from her brother of Hank the Pheasant's capture:

I was picturing more of a scene out of a Howard Hawks noir: a dark and winding road, the squeal of tires, the flash of headlights, a bird bleeding on the shoulder. This looks much more pleasant for the pheasant.

If you haven't caught it already, you can watch part 2 of Clair's date with Al (and Hank) here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feed Me: Portland is here!

Meet Clair! Meet Al! Meet... Hank?

Special thanks to Carl and Sharon Jameson at Craftmaster Productions in Portland for pulling out the stops to make this happen. Be sure to check out their gorgeous, multi-layered, and funny-cause-it's-true web series -- soon to be a feature! -- at thebicyclist.tv!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I happen to like New York

I just had the pleasure and privilege of hanging out and having dinner with Polly Frost, Ray Sawhill, and Matt Lambert of the supercalifragilisticexpipornadocious original web show, The Fold. If you don't know about The Fold, it's sort of Gaius Baltar meets Joan of Arc in a hot tub in New Jersey. Watch. It.

Dinner was great fun. Over Polly's delicious tilapia, roasted veggies, caper mayo, and wine, the conversation covered microbudget web video production, Kansas City's excellent cuisine (you know it, Emily Farris), the relaxed lifestyles of the Californian Central Valley, how we should maybe all move to Austin except for the weather, whether so-called "supertasters" are really more like stupid-tasters, and what is it that drives us all crazy about this city that we love-hate-love so much.

Polly and Ray, seasoned connubial creative team that they are, recently finished their latest joint effort, Sex Scenes, an ambitious mash-up of late-night cable themes and classic radio-play technique. Sex Scenes was developed at NYC's own Cornelia Street Cafe, and toured on stages from coast to coast, before being committed to a very slick MP3 CD of 33 actors reading 50-odd roles. I'll be listening to it on my way west... that is, if the way west happens on schedule. For no sooner had I left Polly and Ray's village apartment than I received an email indicating the possible interest of a Major Media Player in our own Feed Me Show.

Wish me luck, bitches.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

holiday reschedule

New webisodes will post (most) Tuesdays and Thursdays through year end, so I can devote some time to driving across the country.

- Adam

Friday, November 21, 2008

anna and jay, part 4

Part 4 of Anna and Jay's date is now live on http://feedmeshow.com. Remember, you can now subscribe to Feed Me via its inclusion in the iTunes Podcast Directory:

subscribe with iTunes

It's going to be exciting taping Feed Me Show long-timer Lila with the UnionDocs folks tonight!