Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lunchtime lusciousness

Hey Feed Me Show Fans,

Episode 2 of Emily and Greg's adventure in Seduction (that's the name of the casserole... ahem) is now online. Watch and learn a little about raw milk cheese, a lot about garlic, some disquieting -- and yet nostalgic -- things about Brooklyn in the '50s, and the reason for that magnificent mound of noodles' sultry name.

Upcoming features: archives are in the works, and should be online before the week is out. We'll update you when.

As an aside, before it becomes Part of the Official Policy Statement, please make sure that your profile picture is of yourself: not your dog, not your sink, not those delicious beets at the greenmarket; just you. This is important, and it comes from a place of being a notorious dog-picture-poster. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now go get casserole crazy!

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